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Silicon is primary named after its original production process or according to its application. Through our network and partners we supply a wide range of silicon grades – from standard garde tp specialities. 

Metallurgy & Chemistry

Silicon metal – is used in alloys, for chemical products and is the feedstock for solar and semiconductor silicon. Silicon metal has a purity of at least 98.5%. 

Solar & Semiconductors

Solar silicon – is used for the production of solar cells. Typical purities start at 99.99999% (7N). Semicondutor silicon – has a purity of 9-11N. 

Electrodes & Batteries

Silicon nanoparticles are used to increase battery capacities of lithium-ion batteries (LIB). 


Improve Product Properties 

Silicon is used as an alloying element in aluminum and ferroalloys. Silicon additions to aluminum are commonly used for the manufacturing of castings. Products inlcude aluminum wheels for cars, lightweight materials or beverage cans.

silicon for batteries

Increase Lithium-Ion Battery Performance

Silicon nano-particles are known to increase Lithium-Ion battery (LIB) capacity and charge-discharge cycle index. Silicon nano-particles are added to LIB anodes of high performance Lithium-Ion battery anodes to increase their performace.

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