We supply silicon as a raw material for aluminum and alloys, the chemical industry and the production of polysilicon. In addition to the standard products, our product range also includes special solutions for your applications.

Aluminum & alloys

Silicon metal is one of the key alloying elements in aluminum and casting alloys. Aluminum is a perfect light-weight material to build cars, planes or consumer products. With our standard silicon metal grades, we lay the basis for modern transportation solutions.

Chemical products

One of the best known chemical products based on silicon are silicones. Silicones play an important role in electronic components, the construction industry or in consumer products. We provide a high-purity silicon metal to start from.

Solar cells & semiconductors

Silicon is the base material for our modern society. It is used in computer chips for PCs, smartphones and cars. As the feedstock for solar cells, silicon enables us to turn sunlight into electricity. For the production of those high-purity polysilicon grades, we provide silicon metal with low values for Boron and Phosphorous.


Besides our standard products we supply other grades upon request. Our products are delivered as 10-100 mm lumps in big bags.

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